Buy Preciseinhale

Pilot study, technology transfer, service and support. Step-by-step collaboration, support and flexibility are at the heart of purchasing PreciseInhale.

3-step approach: Pilot study > Purchase > Training and services

We understand that purchasing PreciseInhale is an important investment for our customers. It will dramatically improve the results, timelines, performance and capabilities of their lab, and can transform their way of working too.

To ensure optimal results and operation following installation, and a smooth technology transfer, we follow a broad 3-step approach to purchase.


Many companies, universities and research labs wish to access the exceptional capabilities of our inhalation R&D platform PreciseInhale, but at their own sites and for specific projects. ISAB can enter into short-term, project-based leasing agreements in such cases as a first step to full purchase of the system.


To discuss buying PreciseInhale or to explore leasing arrangements, contact:

Step 1: Contract Research / Pilot study

Purchase begins through Contract Research (CR) in our labs in Stockholm. Customers can use the system and modules themselves on their own projects, familiarizing and mastering the technology. Contract Research enables customers to:

  • Explore the system’s capabilities flexibly on their own projects in their own time
  • Experience the strategic synergies possible with a 7-module system
  • Learn how to operate the system onsite at our labs in Stockholm
  • Select the modules most valuable for them for purchase

Step 2: Purchase

Technology transfer can be carried out quickly and efficiently. PreciseInhale is a compact system, easily transported, and installation is relatively undemanding for an infrastructural platform. Technology transfer is:

  • Quick, delivery time is 15 weeks or less
  • Easy, the full system can be installed in less than one day
  • Supported, ISAB experts bring their exceptional expertise to support you at your site during installation

Step 3: Training and services

We offer full training and service support following installation. Customers can choose from a flexible training menu following installation, ordering the right amount of training according to whether they have carried out CR themselves at the ISAB labs. Service and support includes:

  • 48-hour backup guaranteed in the event of problems
  • 2hr notice guaranteed for telephone support
  • Flexible training programmes