Meet ISAB in Fall / Winter 2018

From Europe to the US! Through Winter and Fall 2018 we hit the road for a busy schedule of industry events. Meet the ISAB experts, and explore how PreciseInhale can help you! We look forward to meeting you!

October 16 - 18, Durham, North Carolina, USA: ISAB is proud to be sponsors of the 2018 Association of Inhalation Toxicologists Conference. Meet ISAB Director of Projects Maria Malmlöf and Commercialization Manager Tom Sundelin. Book here.

December 12 - 14, Edinburgh, Scotland: We're proud to be Bronze Sponsors of DDL, the Drug Delivery to the Lungs  Conference 2018. Meet the ISAB team there, and explore PreciseInhale hands-on. Book tickets here.

Visit our labs

Book a meeting with Dr Per Gerde, ISAB’s Chief Science Officer. Contact Per via email: Or call: +46 (0)72 21 984 49

Book a meeting with ISAB CEO Lena Heffler. Contact Lena via email:  Or call: +46 (70) 205 96 20

ISAB welcomes visitors to its labs in Stockholm, Sweden
Kliniskt Forskningscentrum KFC
Novum plan 6, elevator E
Hälsovägen 7
141 57 Huddinge, Sweden.
Visitor entrance: Elevator A, Level 6

To arrange a visit please contact CEO Lena Heffler via email:  Or call: +46 (70) 205 96 20