Cro with preciseinhale

Inhalation Sciences offers Contract Research services that give labs, pharma and research companies exceptional quality data in their pharmacokinetic (PK) studies. CRO is a valuable chance to interact with PreciseInhale before purchasing the system, experiencing its unique versatility and extensive range of exposure modules.

4-steps from start to end with just 50 mg of test substance

We recommend a four-step approach to our world-class Contract Research.
Exceptionally low waste, PreciseInhale can carry out all four steps in a full PK study using, typically, just 50 mg of costly test substance.

Step 1: Feasibility study for ‘go/no go’ data

PreciseInhale generates high-quality aerosols from exceptionally small portions of even challenging powders. An initial feasibility study enables companies to get ‘key go/no go’ data on a substance’s aerosolization properties early on, accelerating their drug development and research timelines.

Step 2: Aerosol characterization

Step 2 provides detailed characteristics of the test substance and its aerosol properties, for example particle size and particle size distribution. Detailed knowledge on the aerosol characteristics is key when going into the exposure phase and subsequent data analysis.

Step 3: Exposure phase

Uniquely, PreciseInhale offers a wide range of aerosol exposure modules, for every stage of R&D. Inhalation sciences offers CR studies from all non-clinical modules including: In vitro (cell exposures), ex vivo, (isolated perfused lung), in vivo, (nose-only, intratracheal intubation.) Data can be achieved from dry powders or any clinical inhaler on the market.

Step 4: Bioanalysis

We offer bioanalysis from our preferred third party supplier ( or you can choose to perform the bioanalysis in your own labs

Final Report

Our final report delivers PK data showing the real behavior of the aerosol in the lung, and is of unmatched quality and detail. Final Reports offer exceptional support to any regulatory documentation.


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