PRECISION DOSING: A unique methodology


What is precision dosing?

Researchers precisely tailor their aerosol, setting the dose, and strength of air pressure. This gives control over de-agglomeration and Particle Sized Distribution. Aerosol is generated in a gentle, free-flowing, fine particulate stream easily manageable and producing stable, repeatable data.

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“I broke with conventional dry powder technology — PreciseInhale is the only platform where you can customize and set the aerosol dose exactly, before you begin tests”.

How does it work?

  1. A jet of high-pressure air is shot through the powder chamber, aerosolising the powder upwards into the holding chamber. The energy of the jet is siphoned off.
  2. The aerosol rises upwards in a plume, then settles downwards in the holding chamber where a controlled air flow ‘pulls’ the API past a real-time monitor.
  3. The real-time aerosol concentration and dose is logged.
  4. The precise exposure is controlled



PreciseInhale’s patents are built on two core innovations

#1. Separating aerosol generation and dispensing. Aerosols are generated with a high-power air jet of 10-160 bar pressure. The energy is then siphoned off, leaving a plume of aerosol that is ‘pulled’ into a fine stream by a vacuum pump, enabling it to be dispensed separately across a range of exposure modules.

#2. PreciseInhale’s software monitors and measures aerosol in real time. Automated software and a light-scattering device maps and measures the aerosol concentration and breathing pattern in real time. This enables researchers to customize their aerosol to their exact needs, and generates detailed voluminous PK data, including particle size distribution data and Tmax and Cmax curves


Because researchers can precisely tailor their aerosol, set the dose and decide the strength of air pressure, PreciseInhale produces an exceptionally fine, consistent aerosol. The PreciseInhale particle size determination kit enables characterization of the aerosol and will present the Mass Median Aerodynamic Diameter, MMAD, as well as the Geometric Standard Deviation, GSD.

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