What is PreciseInhale?

A patented aerosol generation R&D platform that delivers respirable dry powder aerosols from preclinical cell studies all the way through to human clinical trials, significantly accelerating drug development timelines. The platform requires just milligrams, not grams of costly test substance and delivers high-resolution lung data of, typically, <10% SD.

The complete inhalation lab – on your benchtop.

Get exceptional versatility and exceptional data on respirable dry powder aerosols from preclinical cell studies all the way through to human clinical trials.

Milligrams, not grams

The platform requires only minimal pre-processing of a compound before testing, typically using between 50 - 100 mg of test substance for a full PK study. Powders are aerosolized so efficiently that an even distribution in the lungs can be achieved from less than 100 mg of test substance.

Months, not years

PreciseInhale’s unique one-animal-at-a-time method delivers data with a typical dosing precision of SD 5 - 15 %. Compared to multiple animal exposure systems it reduces the number of animals and the time needed for trials and R&D. Active dosing delivers indicative data - early on.

Maximum versatility

PreciseInhale handles dry powder as well as nebulized solutions, small molecules as well as biologics, delivering data from dry powders or inhalers. It delivers the right exposure for every stage of R&D from cell cultures and rodents up to dogs and humans: In vitro (cell exposures), ex vivo, (isolated perfused lung), in vivo, (nose-only, intratracheal intubation.)

How can you best use this site?

We carry out extensive Contract Research work with novel and generic inhalation drug developers, toxicology and environmental institutes and university research labs in the inhalation and aerosolization field. To find out more about the benefits of PreciseInhale for each of these groups please navigate using the PreciseInhale and You menu on the sidebar to the left.

Essential innovation

Innovation: Either you harness it or a competitor does. Our aerosol generation platform PreciseInhale is a paradigm shift in inhalation R&D. Developed over 10 years with big pharma companies like Astra Zeneca and GSK it accelerates your drug discovery timelines and delivers control, accuracy and cost-efficiency benefits that give you, or your competitors, a significant head start in Research and Development.