8 modules, 1 system

PreciseInhale is a complete, compact inhalation lab – on the benchtop. Uniquely, it provides eight dry powder exposure modules, from cell studies to preclinical to clinical testing: A paradigm shift in inhalation R&D.

Intratracheal inhalation in vivo module

PreciseInhale is the only R&D technology in the world that enables intratracheal inhalation exposures of rodents to respirable aerosols. Uniquely, the result is PK data on the distribution pattern in the lungs closely resembling that from clinical inhalation exposures, plus closer control of the dose delivered.

XposeALI cell exposure module

The in vitro cell exposure module delivers exceptional data on the cellular effects of airborne particles. The novel exposure system for airlifted cell cultures also has a dynamic perfusion system that better resembles the physiology of the living lung than conventional static systems.

Clinical exposures

PreciseInhale’s unique precision dosing makes it possible to target and get detailed data from specific regions of the lung. Regional lung exposure data cannot be accessed through any other technology. Uniquely, it delivers highly resolved data on how inhaled products behave in the two major regions of the lungs: the conducting airways and the alveolar region.

IPL (Isolated Perfused Lung) ex vivo module

Combining PreciseInhale’s aerosol generating unit with our tailored IPL system delivers low standard deviation results (typically <10% SD) and high-resolution data. Uniquely, IPL can also be connected to clinical aerosols (Dry Powder Inhalers, DPIs, or pressurized Metered Dose Inhalers, pMDIs) or nebulizer aerosols .This generates highly relevant comparative PK data between the new substances or formulations and existing marketed products.

DissolvIt, in vitro module

Thermostatted at 37C, DissolvIt’s exceptional simulation of absorption and dissolution of respirable particles in the lung epithelium enables the early elimination and ranking of drug candidates, delivering high quality dissolution data that is valuable in the quest to achieve bioequivalence.

Nose-only inhalation in vivo module

PreciseInhale’s precision dosing of individual rodents significantly reduces the variability of exposure between animals. It delivers exceptional control and accuracy in research and data, and low test substance consumption.


This high-yield, low-waste spray drying micronization system typically requires just 10 – 500 mg of test substance per batch. Uniquely, LaminarPace operates at room temperature, so even delicate substances remain active after being micronized.