The DissolvIt module enables in vitro simulation of absorption and dissolution of respirable particles in the lung epithelium.

DissolvIt is a patented in vitro model where dry powder particles are deposited on a glass surface by the PreciseInhale™System. In the DissolvIt system, the particles are then brought into contact with an artificial lung surface medium and the dissolution is studied, both from the “luminal” side through optical microscopy and from the “vascular” side by chemical analysis of a flow past perfusion medium.

The system consists of a flow past cell, a precision‐controlled peristaltic pump and an inverted microscope with a high resolution camera. The flow past cell is perfused in single‐pass mode after which the perfusate is collected in a fraction collector. The entire system is thermostatted to 37° C.

Key benefits and features:

  • Ranks substances due to their solubility
  • Monitors absorption as well as dissolution of the substance
  • Can be used for early elimination of drug candidates with poor solubility profile