Laminarpace – Powder Micronisation

The LaminarPace spray dryer is a patented micronization technique that formulates respirable powders at a product yield of > 90% for batches down to 20mg.

The LaminarPace facilitates the early testing of Candidate Drugs (CDs) in different assays, including inhalation tests, by formulating 100mg batches of a compound into micron‐sized powders in high yields at room temperature. This micronization procedure increases the dissolution rate of the powders. A typical production speed is 20‐100 mg dry substance/hour and up to 1g of a compound can be formulated per day. The product yield is > 90%.

The system operates at ambient temperature and removes >98% of solvent vapors before collection of product particles.

Key benefits and features:

  • Provides respirable powders with minimal losses
  • Operates at room temperature
  • Handles small molecules and biologics