Isolated Perfused and ventilated
Lung ex vivo module

Inhalation Sciences' isolated perfused and ventilated lung (IPL) system is a specially tailored version of the IPL designed for exposures of respirable aerosols from the PreciseInhale system. With some key features unique to this platform, Inhalation Sciences' IPL delivers exceptionally low standard  deviation dosing rates, typically <10%, and high-resolution data of unequalled quality and detail.

The ex vivo isolated perfused and ventilated lung (IPL) is a well‐established experimental model extensively used for toxicological and pharmacological studies. Unlike in vitro experiments, with the IPL model it is possible to study the effects of different agents in an intact organ, with physiological cell-to‐cell contacts and a native intracellular matrix. Unlike in vivo experiments in whole animals, the IPL model enables the study of lung‐specific effects of toxicants and drugs, as this model does not involve recirculation of blood from distal compartments. In addition, many aspects of lung physiology such as airway resistance, vascular resistance, gas exchange etc. can be monitored at the same time. The IPL perfused in a single pass mode is especially advantageous for pharmacokinetic studies of inhaled drugs and toxicants.

In our tailored IPL system, the perfusate is collected throughout the perfusion period using a custom‐made fraction collector, which also makes it possible to monitor the perfusate flow rate. The perfusion system can also be converted to a recirculation mode to facilitate detection of an accumulating substance or its metabolites in a smaller perfusate volume.

Key benefits and features:

  • Characterization of lung absorption and retention in detail (up to 2 hr sample collection)
  • <10% standard deviation in dosing.
  • Total mass balance control, no losses