Milligrams, not grams. Months, not years: Welcome to PreciseInhale™

Inhalation Sciences' patented precision dosing system PreciseInhale™ is the next generation of aerosol and inhalation drug development technology. Developed over 10 years in collaboration with big pharma companies such as Astra Zeneca and GSK it will change what you think possible in the early R&D stage.

Milligrams, not grams: Using our PreciseInhale™ system in the screening and pre-clinical stages of inhalation drug development you can achieve early, highly accurate results with low standard deviation, using milligrams, not grams of test substance.

Months, not years: With active precision dosing of individual subjects PreciseInhale™ provides you with earlier, more reliable PK/ PD data. This offers new options and new security when deciding whether a candidate substance should proceed to the clinical phase.

The right aerosol formation at hand: Re-formulating aerosols mid-way through trials is a costly problem in inhalation drug development. PreciseInhale™ adapts to any clinical setting, creating and delivering the right respirable dry powder aerosols to a whole series of biological exposure models ranging from cell studies to early clinical testing.

The platform comprises three main parts (i) a formulation/micronisation device, (ii) the PreciseInhale™System (iii) a set of exposure modules