Preciseinhale and you

We know that successful innovation is about successful collaboration. A positive result for our clients is a positive result for us. So whether you collaborate on Contract Research, buy our complete aerosol generation R&D platform PreciseInhale, or combine the two, collaborating with ISAB gives you a strategic and scientific head start.

Novel inhalation drug developers

Get crucial ‘go / no go’ data early on using milligrams, not grams of costly test substance. Uniquely, PreciseInhale enables intratracheal inhalation testing, and can be connected to either Dry Powder Inhalers (DPIs) or pressurized Metered Dose Inhalers (pMDIs), generating highly relevant comparative data from marketed products.

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Toxicology and environmental researchers

Research into nanoparticles is intensifying worldwide. Our system delivers precise aerosol exposure of 3D cell models cultured at an air-liquid interface, so boosting the 3R compliance of your research (refinement, reduction and replacement of animals in lab’ research.) . Our in vitro DissolvIt solution delivers exceptionally realistic simulated lung distribution data.

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Clinical research

In clinical trials PreciseInhale can be used to dose humans with the same respirable aerosol as in preclinical models. PreciseInhale can deliver data on either the whole- or specific regions of the lung. Regional exposure data provides an exceptionally detailed, realistic picture of the true behavior of the inhaled product.

Generic inhalation drug developers

In today’s inhaled drug market 75% of current products will go off-patent within the next five years. The unique features of our in vitro test modules deliver exceptional data before entering into the costly clinical studies stage. Uniquely, PreciseInhale can be connected to DPIs or pMDIs, generating highly relevant comparative data from marketed products.

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University & public research institutes

ISAB offers collaboration on research projects with Universities and Institutes on the basis of devising co-written, co-credited Papers and Publications. With PreciseInhale, researchers can select from eight different dry powder exposure modules from cell studies to preclinical to clinical testing, all in one compact platform.

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