Novel inhalation drug developer

PreciseInhale, ISAB’s aerosol generation R&D platform delivers respirable dry powder aerosols from preclinical cell studies all the way through to human clinical trials. With its unique one-animal-at-a-time system and sophisticated aerosolization it can carry out a full PK study, with an even distribution in the lungs, using, typically, just 50 - 100 mg of costly test substance. Unlike multiple animal exposure systems PreciseInhale provides indicative data early on and reduces the number of animals, and time needed, for trials and R&D.

Accelerate drug development timelines with superior data

Conventional inhalation R&D technologies deliver data with standard deviation of, often, >50%. PreciseInhale delivers data with typical standard deviation for an in vivo study of <10%, due to precision dosing and its unique one-animal-at-a-time testing system. Critical ‘go/no go’ data of this quality allows key strategic decisions on continuing or discontinuing projects to be made more confidently, and at an earlier stage of development.

Avoid reformulation, speed up drug development

Re-formulating test substances in the middle of trials is costly and time consuming. PreciseInhale generates high-quality aerosols from exceptionally small portions of even challenging dry powders offering a dry powder route from cell studies to clinical trials.

Active dosing delivers even lung distribution

PreciseInhale’s aerosol generator unit removes the powerful energy released during aerosolization from the rodent’s delicate lungs. This delivers finer, more evenly distributed aerosols – and more detailed and accurate data on lung distribution. Our focus on the inhaled dose, measured by computer, avoids the uneven lung distribution, lower quality data and unwanted lung lesions that can occur in conventional technologies where the test powder is released in one focused blast.

Get preclinical data from your clinical inhaler

PreciseInhale is the only inhalation drug development platform that can generate aerosols from a range of sources – dry powders, nebulized compounds, Dry Powder Inhalers (DPIs) or pressurized Metered Dose Inhalers (pMDIs) with full computer and data monitoring. This generates highly relevant comparative data from marketed products.

Use milligrams not grams of costly test substance

With its unique one-animal-at-a-time system and sophisticated aerosolization procedure, PreciseInhale can carry out a full PK study typically using between just 50 – 100 mg of test substance.

8 modules for the best strategy at every stage

PreciseInhale’s seven dry powder exposure modules can take you all the way from preclinical to human trials, in one compact system, using the exact same aerosol. As you progress through the stages of your trials PreciseInhale progresses with you. Eight-module versatility lets you capitalize on synergies. You can cross-validate data across different exposure models, and carry out cross-over studies using the same controlled exposure aerosols throughout the research. At each stage our previous data and experience of your priorities supports you in confidently deciding your strategies for the next step.

Unique regional lung deposition data

Current exposure techniques do not provide regional lung deposition data, developers have to guess when specifying inhaler device technologies. PreciseInhale delivers data not just on the whole lung, but specific regions of it. Regional lung exposure data provides an exceptionally detailed, realistic picture of the true behavior of the inhaled product.

Intratracheal in vivo exposure

PreciseInhale is the only R&D technology in the world that carries out intratracheal exposures of rodents to respirable aerosols. Intratracheal exposures enable close control of the delivered dose, and lung distribution patterns closely resembling those obtained during clinical inhalation exposures. It also means low substance consumption, a full PK study typically requires just 50 – 100 mg of test substance.