PreciseInhale FAQs

What IS PreciseInhale?

A one-animal-at-a-time dry powder aerosol exposure system built in two units, an aerosol generator and dispensing unit. Generated aerosols can be dispensed from the holding chamber using positive or negative pressure or volunteer breath. PreciseInhale’s one-animal-at-a-time active dosing means both the aerosol concentration and each individual animal’s breathing is measured and used to achieve an outstanding control over the inhaled dose.

How long does it take to dose a single animal? Isn’t it slower than conventional ‘tower’ or multiple exposures?

No. A typical rat exposure cycle takes around 1.5 min at a 250 mL/min overlaid exposure flow rate. Aerosol concentration in the active dosing system is generally considerably higher than tower exposures: A full PK study uses uses half the number of animals typically required for a tower exposure study.

How many times do you have to clean the chamber, and is it difficult?

Cleaning the chamber on PreciseInhale is simple and efficient compared to the cleaning procedure of multiple animal exposure systems. The part exposed to aerosols is separate and compact, so easily cleaned using conventional methods.

How fine is the aerosol the system typically produces?

Typical aerosol particle size distributions (MMAD) are 0.5 – 15µm, depending on powder particle sizes, without having to use a post-generator impactor. PreciseInhale’s aerosol generator ensures minimal particle agglomeration and is able to successfully aerosolize even challenging powders that conventional technologies have been unable to aerosolize.

How much aerosol powder actually ends up on the lung?

The system is low-waste and very efficient. Typical exposure yields in rats, respiratory tract deposition, is 1-10 % of the loaded amount, which is why a PK study normally requires less than 100 mg compared to the gram range of typical tower exposures. Typical exposure yields in dogs, respiratory tract deposition, is 30-80 % of the loaded amount.

How precise are the results generated by PreciseInhale?

Typical inter-animal dose variation in rats is ±5 – ±15% SD depending on aerosol properties.