University and public research institutes

Collaborating with ISAB puts your research at the forefront of its field. You access the most innovative inhalation R&D technology in the world - and the man who developed it. Dr Per Gerde, ISAB’s Chief Science Officer, is a world authority on aerosolization. Associate Professor of Inhalation Toxicology at the Institute of Environmental Medicine at Karolinska Institutet, Dr Gerde was also a research scientist at the elite Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute in the US from 1993– 1998.

Collaborate with the world’s aerosol exposure experts

ISAB are world leaders in aerosol exposures. The ISAB team combines decades of aerosolization and inhalation research experience, and have all been involved in the evolution and development of the PreciseInhale platform, together with big pharma companies like GSK and Astra Zeneca. The unique research capabilities ISAB offers are the result of extensive innovation in the team’s labs in Stockholm, Sweden. Able to successfully aerosolize the tiniest amounts of the most challenging substances, ISAB bring a unique resourcefulness and innovation to your research, delivering exceptional data, and collaboration.

Collaborate and co-publish

ISAB offers collaboration on research projects with Universities and Institutes on the basis of devising co-written, co-credited Papers and Publications. Whatever the area of inhalation research – antimicrobial peptides, environmental pollutants, nano particle screening – our long and extensive experience is valued highly by a wide range of university research departments and governmental and environmental agencies.

Unique regional lung deposition data

Current exposure techniques do not provide regional lung deposition data. PreciseInhale delivers data not just on the whole lung, but specific regions of it. Regional lung exposure data provides an exceptionally detailed, realistic picture of the true behavior of the inhaled product.

8 modules in 1 system

PreciseInhale offers seven dry powder exposure modules in one compact system. It allows you to generate respirable aerosols from multiple sources – dry powders, nebulized compounds, Dry Powder Inhalers (DPIs) or pressurized Metered Dose Inhalers (pMDIs.) It then enables exposure of a range of modules, from cell cultures and rodents up to dogs and humans: In vitro (cell exposures), ex vivo, (isolated perfused lung), in vivo, (nose-only, intratracheal intubation.), using the exact same aerosol quality throughout the experiment.

3R regulatory requirements met

The 3R era is with us (replacing, refining and reducing the number of animals in research.) Funding of 3R research is increasing, and is a major opportunity for researchers. PreciseInhale’s two in vitro modules replace animal testing; allowing researchers to both meet 3R requirements and achieve world-class data. The two in vitro models are DissolvIt, our system for the simulation, dissolution and absorption of soluble particles in the air/blood barrier of the conduction airways. And the exposures of airlifted respiratory epithelial cells (ALI) to respirable aerosols. PreciseInhale’s unique one-animal-at-a-time system reduces the number of animals needed for inhalation research, and the standard deviation of results.


Many companies, universities and research labs wish to access the exceptional capabilities of our inhalation R&D platform PreciseInhale, but at their own sites and for specific projects. ISAB can enter into short-term, project-based leasing agreements in such cases as a first step to full purchase of the system.