50 mg, < 10%SD

PreciseInhale is low-waste and exceptionally efficient. A full PK study normally requires less than 100 mg compared to the gram range of typical tower exposures. The system’s one-animal-at-a-time testing method reduces the variability of exposure between animals, producing detailed, high-resolution data with exceptionally low standard deviation (typically <10%SD.)

Milligrams not grams: Minimal substance requirement

PreciseInhale typically uses between 50 – 100 mg of costly test substance for a full PK study. Powders are de‐agglomerated and aerosolized so efficiently that an even distribution in the lungs can be achieved from less than 100 mg of test substance.

Months not years: Active dosing delivers indicative data earlier

PreciseInhale uses active dosing, a one- animal-at-a-time system that typically delivers data with a dosing precision of <10% SD. Compared to multiple animal exposure systems it reduces both the number of animals, and the time needed for trials and R&D.

Maximum versatility: Dry powders or inhaler

PreciseInhale is built in two units, an aerosol generator and dispensing unit. The aerosol dispensing unit can connect to any inhaler on the market, delivering aerosols to a wide range of exposures models, from cell cultures to rodents, up to dogs and humans.