Unique Capabilities

8 modules in 1 system

PreciseInhale offers eight dry powder exposure modules in one compact system easily installed on a benchtop. Uniquely, PreciseInhale consists of two units; an aerosol generator and a dispensing unit: The first enables researchers to generate respirable aerosols from a range of dry powders or from clinical inhalers. The second delivers aerosols to seven different exposures modules, from preclinical to human trials, allowing researchers to control the dose with exceptional precision.

Individual, one-animal-at-a-time testing

PreciseInhale tests animals individually and does not use the ‘tower’ method, unlike most competing technologies. This significantly reduces the variability of exposure between animals, producing exceptionally accurate data of a typical dosing precision of SD 5 – 15 %. One-at-.a-time testing accelerates development and research timelines, increases control and enables exceptionally low consumption of costly test substance.

Active dosing delivers even lung distribution

Uniquely, PreciseInhale allows you to customize and set the dose before testing begins. PreciseInhale’s aerosol generator unit separates the powerful energy released during aerosolization from the rodent’s delicate lungs. This delivers finer, more evenly distributed aerosols – and more detailed and accurate data on lung distribution. Our focus on the inhaled dose, measured by computer, avoids the uneven lung distribution, lower quality data and unwanted lung lesions that can occur in conventional technologies where the test powder is either instilled as a liquid or released in one focused blast.

Cross-validation and cross studies

Uniquely with PreciseInhale you can cross-validate data across different exposure models, and carry out cross-over studies using the same controlled exposure aerosols throughout the research. At each stage our previous data, knowledge and experience of your priorities enables you to confidently decide strategies for your next successful step. As you progress through the stages of your trials PreciseInhale progresses with you.

Intratracheal in vivo inhalation exposures

PreciseInhale is the only R&D technology in the world that carries out intratracheal inhalation exposures of rodents to respirable aerosols. Intratracheal exposures enable close control of the delivered dose, and lung distribution patterns closely resembling those obtained during clinical inhalation exposures. It also means low substance consumption; a full PK study typically requires just 50 – 100 mg of test substance.


PreciseInhale can be connected to any inhaler on the market. Uniquely, our aerosol dispensing unit can connect to Dry Powder Inhalers (DPIs) or pressurized Metered Dose Inhalers (pMDIs), generating highly relevant comparative data from marketed products.

Programmable Fraction Collector

Conventional fraction collectors cannot be programmed. PreciseInhale’s fraction collector is fully customizable, programmable and can collect 96 well plates. You can choose to collect fractions over different time periods, with drain periods of different lengths in between. For our clients the added flexibility means more detailed, specific data.